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We share here the most common questions we get from our potential customers about the Kingfisher MA37X12B, and our answers – keeping in mind that all boats and installations are unique and may have different requirements, and performance will be based on individual use and weather conditions.

What size boat is it designed for?
We designed the 12-volt DC Kingfisher air conditioner with boats of up to 42 feet in mind. However, it is a cabin air conditioner and will effectively cool an area of 350 cubic feet of air volume, regardless of the size of the boat. You can install more than one on your boat to cool a specific cabin or area.

Where is it made?
We design, engineer and assemble in the US! We source RoHS compliant parts.

Does it come with its own batteries?

Does it work off my house batteries?

Do you recommend a dedicated battery or battery bank for the unit?
A separate battery or battery bank is not necessary.

What type of batteries does it need?
ANY! We designed this unit to work with your existing batteries, whether it is deep cycle or lithium.

What's the minimum size battery bank I need to get the most from the unit?
We recommend a minimum 200Ah battery bank for overnight use.

For how long can I run the unit?
With a battery bank of 200 amps, you can easily run the unit overnight for 8 hours (based on an average draw of 12 amps per hour – a rating per the compressor manufacturer). You will still meet the energy demands of your refrigerator, etc. We also recommend 2 x 100W solar panels to keep up with the energy needs at anchor.

What is the maximum amp it can draw?
It is a variable speed compressor and the unit overall may draw up to 25 amps in very hot weather when first turned on. It will cycle up and down as it starts to stabilize towards the set temperature. The draw may drop to as low as 5A!

Do I need the control box?
Yes. All components in the control box need to stay where they are installed and CAN NOT be removed, separated or tampered with.

Will it work if I'm sailing in the warm water of the Caribbean?
Yes! The Kingfisher has been independently tested for ISO 7547:2002 in conditions of 89.6 F incoming seawater temperature, 95F air temperature.

How easy is it to remove for the winter?
The unit is a permanent install and should not be removed every season. It will need to be winterized just like any other traditional marine air conditioner.

How well does it work as a dehumidifier?
Simply set the unit one degree below cabin temperature and the dehumidifying function will kick in. Taking the humidity out of the cabin makes a huge difference!

Is it waterproof?
No. We hope your boat doesn't get water inside your cabin :)

Can it work as a heater too?
No, cooling only.

Is there an installation manual?
Yes, an installation manual is included with every unit.

Will you install it for me?
We do not provide installation service.

How tech savvy/handy do I have to be to install it?
Any DIY’er with a basic working knowledge of marine DC circuitry and plumbing should be able to install it.

How long can I run a duct from the unit?
The shorter the duct lines, the more efficient the unit will be. A typical cabin installation would be within 6-8 feet. Avoid 90-degree turns.

Will I need to make any alterations to my hull?
It depends.  Installation is like a typical marine air conditioner installation. The unit needs seawater for heat exchange. This may require a thru-hull to be installed, but some boat owners may already have an existing one they could Tee from in order to install the unit.

Is the seawater pump included with the unit?
It is not. You can use any reputable brand continuous duty 12V pumps available in the marketplace. The Max Draw should be less than 5A.

Are air-ducting and finishing grills available from Archer Power Solutions?
No, but all components needed are standard and can be found at any quality hardware or home improvement store.

What size/gauge wiring is needed for the connection to the electrical panel?
This will depend on the installation – specifically the distance between the control box power connection and the batteries. We highly recommend installers rely on ABYC wire sizing tables.

What size fuse should be used (at panel and perhaps in-line)?
We recommend a 30-amp fuse.

Is there a warranty?
The unit comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

What type of support does Archer provide for installation and troubleshooting?
Once you receive your unit, we welcome your emails or calls with questions and can also provide a scheduled video consultation to help troubleshoot, at no cost to you.

What do I do if my unit is damaged in transit? Take photos of the packaging and the unit to clearly show the damage and then contact us immediately.  Insurance is included in the shipping cost.