Cool your boat with the most advanced 12V DC Marine Air Conditoner

Introducing the Kingfisher, an affordable 12VDC AC system with simple DIY installation.

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What is the challenge of cooling a boat cabin?

Think about it. We boaters are trying to climatically control an environment with NO insulation and with constant exposure to harsh elements - salt, moisture, vibration, etc. Automobiles have the engine-driven compressor to cool off, hence the air conditioner runs only when the car does. Yes, we can do that on a boat but what about running the air conditioner while the engine is off? Our goal at Archer Power Solutions is not to get an internal temperature to a chilly 62 degrees in the cabin on a hot day, but to cool it enough to be comfortable below deck, take the humidity out and sleep well at night.

Our 12V DC Air Conditioner is better built, more advanced and nearly HALF the price of competitors!

Our goal has been to find a compromise of price point, practicality, and durability. For vessels 42 feet and under which do not have manufacturer-installed gensets, the Kingfisher MAX37X12B is the boat cabin air conditioner you have been waiting for.

Kingfisher MA37X12B Features

  • 12V Direct Current

    Wire it yourself directly to a battery shunt. No AC wiring; no inverters and no starter loads.

  • Cooling

    Up to 5000 BTU/hr

  • Water Flow

    Only 1.75 GPM water flow: the water flow needed is little enough to T-it from an existing seacock.

  • Very Efficient

    Rated Current draw is 12.1A; the compressor RPM cycles down and up so the draw goes up and down over longer period of time. Due to advanced electronics, you can run this unit with 200W solar panels all day!

  • Easy to Use

    Digital user screen with temperature and humidity monitoring, sleep timer and simplified error messaging. The screen is mounted easily similar to a home thermostat.

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  • Compact for DIY

    The unit and control box will easily fit into a cabinet. Simple 12V wiring. Standard 4" ducting. Standard all 3/4" hoses.

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Our Story

"All boaters know living off the grid can be very gratifying. The moment you unplug from the dock power and cast off, you disconnect from all worries attached to life on land." - Onat Dogruer

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